Revisional Surgery

This refers to weight loss surgery in someone who has previously undergone weight loss surgery. This may be reversal of a previous weight loss surgery, or conversion to another type of weight loss surgery.

If you have a gastric band in place and want to convert to another procedure (e.g. to a gastric sleeve or bypass), this usually requires 2 procedures. The first procedure is to remove the pre-existing band. The second is for the conversion to another procedure.

The common bariatric revisional surgery are::

  • Gastric band re-positioning
  • Gastric band removal with a plan for another procedure in the near future
  • Gastric band to gastric sleeve
  • Gastric band to gastric bypass
  • Gastric sleeve to gastric bypass
  • VBG to gastric bypass (or reversal of VBG only)
Revisional Surgery
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